Zero Auth is an API card validation tool. The validation allows the merchant to know if the card is valid or not before sending the final transaction authorization.


A zero auth transaction allows the merchant to verify:

  • if the card is valid at issuer level

  • If the card number is correct

  • if the CVV is correct

Test Cards

Sample - Preauthorization (PA) - Zeroauth

A PA is created by sending a POST request over HTTPS to the /v1/payments resource. The request should include all required information such as your authentication credentials, the type of transaction, the amount and the payment information such as card details.

curl \
 -d "entityId=8a8294174e918ca6014e9c6f5ae12a9c" \
 -d "merchantTransactionId=Order Number 123" \
 -d "amount=0.00" \
 -d "currency=BRL" \
 -d "paymentType=PA" \
 -d "paymentBrand=VISA" \
 -d "card.number=4066559930861909" \
 -d "card.holder=Jose da Silva" \
 -d "card.expiryMonth=10" \
 -d "card.expiryYear=2022" \
 -d "card.cvv=123" \
 -d "customer.merchantCustomerId=12345678909" \
 -d "customer.givenName=Jose" \
 -d "customer.surname=da Silva" \
 -d "" \
 -d "customer.ip=" \
 -d "descriptor=123 Usage" \
 -d " Paulo" \
 -d "" \
 -d "billing.state=SP" \
 -d "billing.street1=Rua Itapeva 547" \
 -d "billing.postcode=01332000" \
 -d "customParameters[product]=1 month membership" \
 -d "customParameters[merchant_website]" \
 -d "recurringType=INITIAL" \
 -d "testMode=EXTERNAL" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGE4Mjk0MTcyODFiOGVlMzAxMjgyOTkwNjZmNTBjZGJ8ZGVtbw=="

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