Test cards by country

Following the cards to be used in each country for testing purposes and the Soft Descriptor rules by country:

Test Cards


Only for Brazil, depending on the verification digit (=last number of card) the behavior can be controlled (Testing purpose):

Please, find below the Card Numbers for each ReturnCode result according to the testing purpose required:

  • 000.100.112 (Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Connector Test Mode')

  • 800.100.162 (transaction declined - limit exceeded)

  • 800.100.170 (transaction declined - transaction not permitted)

  • 800.100.160 (transaction declined - card blocked)

  • 900.100.400 (timeout at connectors/acquirer side)



Minimum amount for VISA 15.00 COP


Tests in Argentina are limited to 1000 ARS.


In Chile, banks do not allow to process transactions with decimals (cents).


Soft Descriptor

The soft descriptor is printed on cardholder’s credit card statement and states the source the Debit or Credit. The descriptor appears in the format PPRO and the merchant defines.

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